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by: Paul Harrington
Have you ever picked up one of those massive tomes of cocktail recipes simply trying to find a new and interesting drink that is actually worth trying out? If so, then you know that few books make such a task easy for you. This book on the other hand, breaks out of that mold and provides a very good examination of the cocktails that are truely worth your time.
In their new book Cocktail : The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century, Paul Harrington and Laura Moorhead share with us the same great information that we have grown so fond of on their popular web site CocktailTime. Yes, that same web site that has been giving us a great cocktail recipe each week is now in print, and by all apperences it has made the Low Tech transition extremely well.

Included with the obligatory collection of cocktail recipes (275), and the introductory information on the art of bartending, is a special section that delves into the details and nuances of 64 specific drinks that are truely worth making. Such drinks as the El Floridita, the Lemon Drop, and the Satan's Whiskers just to name a few.

This is one cocktail book that no bartender should be without, hobbiest or professional.
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