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Bar & Kitchen Supplies websites
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BarStuff.de is a popular bar supply company in Germany, which has an interesting and useful collection of products, and best of all, they ship internationally!
Branded Stirs
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Branded Stirs provides a variety of general purpose stir sticks, and cocktail picks. They also specialize in creating custom branded sticks and picks for a wide variety of uses.
Chef Tools
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Chef Tools provides a carefully selected collection of tools, cookeware, gourmet items, and of course barware. Many of the items they carry won't be found on other online shopping sites, so it is useful to browse through the site to see what you might discover!
Cocktail Kingdom
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Greg Boehm, owner of Mud Puddle Books, has turned his facination for classic cocktails into a thriving business. Starting out by simply providing accurately reproduced reprints of some of the most acclaimed cocktail books from the past, he has expanded the offerings available on his site to also include a variety of imported barware that is difficult, if not impossible, to find in the US. He also provides a great selection of bitters which are so crucial to a craft cocktail.
John Artis Ltd.
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Artis is one of the major suppliers of barware to some of the best bars all over England. Just a quick browse through their online product catalog will convince you why. Now if only their products were available in the US!
Keg Nation
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Keg Nation provides a selection of products focused on draught beer and liquor dispensing. They have a nice selection of ceramic beer towers, as well as electronic beer and liquor systems.
(Categories: Bar & Kitchen Supplies, Shopping, )

KegWorks provides a great selection of bar & kitchen supplies for either the amature home mixologist or the profesional cocktail lounge. I've been impressed by their dedication to trying to stock the best products available.
La Maison d'Absinthe
(Categories: Bar & Kitchen Supplies, Shopping, )

A great source in the United States for all of your Absinthe Supplies. This New Orleans based store has a wide variety of authentic reproduction glasses, spoons, and even fountains that you can use at home to celebrate the green fairy in uncommon style.
Mister Mojito
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David Nepove has long been a well respected bartender in San Francisco, and like most bartenders constantly bemoaned the quality of barware available. Unlike most bartenders however, he decided to do something about it. First he designed his own line of mudders, and then he sourced a variety of great tools to compliment them. I've been using several of his products for many years, and highly recommend them.
Specialty Bottle
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Specialty Bottle has a wide variety of bottles of different size, shape, color, and purpose.
Uber Bar Tools / ProDesign
(Categories: Bar & Kitchen Supplies, Shopping, )

Michael Silvers created ProDesign, an integrated design, manufacturing, and fulfillment company which produces unique and elegant barware. UberBarTools is the result of this project and can be relied on as a source of innovative and exciting tools for any bar, home or professional.
Wallace & Hinz
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Wallace & Hinz is a manufacturer of custom bars located in California. Their bars reflect the ornate, and highly craftsmanship quality once seen in the "Brunswick" style of bars. You can get beautiful bars designed for either professional or personal usage.
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