Beachbum Berry

Jeff Berry is one of the most important cocktail historians for Tiki, or how it is more properly described "Exotic" cocktails. On his site he provides some additional insights on what he has uncovered regarding this classic style of drink, as well as details about his travels and adventures.

Cocktail Enthusiast

Cocktail Enthusiast is a blog operated by Kevin Gray, a Dallas-based cocktail enthusiast (hence the name) which provides a personal exploration of cocktails and spirits, mixology and drinking culture. It has emphasis on both classic cocktails and modern innovations. It will often list cocktail recipes, liquor reviews, along with the occasional bar review and news piece.


A great website with some great recipes

Kindred Cocktails

Kindred Cocktails is an online cocktail database with a slight difference, it actually allows you to add your own cocktail recipes to the site and see recipes others have added.

Miss Charming

Cheryl Charming has turned her love of bartending and instictive creativity into an ever broadening set of opportunities and resources. On her site you will find facinating information for consumers, bartenders, and bar owners.

Oh Gosh!

In this wonderfully prepared blog, you get a chance to follow Jay Hepburn as he navigates the often confusing world of mixology. He caught the cocktail bug, and is ardently documenting his adventure.

Update: 4/17/2020
Jay unfortunately got away from the whole cocktail scene for many years, and during that time he accidently let his domain expire. Until such a time that he can get it back, or start it up somewhere else, I am linking to what appears to be "the most recent" version of his site from the Internet Archive.

One of my favorite parts of his site, was the detailed examination and explanation he did of orange liqueurs. Since the "search" option doesn't work on the internet-archive version, here is a link that will help: Orange Liqueur Showdown.

Professor Cocktail

Professional Book critic and amateur cocktailian, David Montgomery has endered the blogging world with a website he calls "Professor Cocktail". It's just gotten started and will hopefully provide some insights as he navigates the oft confusing world of mixology. As a former American History college professor, I have high hopes that he'll utilize some of the background to provide some... er... background.

Small Screen Network

As many of you know, I recently teamed up with the Small Screen Network to create a series of on-line video broadcasts in which I will cover various aspects of cocktails and mixology. This series has been going fantastically, with over 200 episodes already posted.

Please visit Small Screen Network to see the complete list, as well as sign up for updates on new episodes.

Update: 4/17/2020
The folks behind "Small Screen Network" have unfortunately decided to throw in the towel, and the site (along with its videos) have been taken down. You can still access my "Cocktail Spirit" videos on, just search for "Robert Hess Cocktail Spirit" or, click this link: The Cocktail Spirit Channel (

Summit Sips

Summit Sips is an ongoing collection of musings about recipes, techniques, tools and other cocktail-related topics. Subjects include classic and contemporary cocktails, homemade ingredients, bars, restaurants and other social aspects of life in and around St. Paul.

Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail is an annual event in New Orleans which celebrates the cocktail

The Cocktail Chronicles

The Cocktail Chronicles is an ongoing exploration of fine spirits, creative cocktails and classic mixology. Paul Clarke created this web log in May 2005 as an effort to document the drinks he's experimenting with at any particular time, along with his thoughts on cocktail ingredients, brands and types of spirits and the overall culture of drinking. Since its inception, The Cocktail Chronicles has explored more than 100 different drinks; covered the home-brew of obscure cocktail ingredients such as pimento dram and falernum; been the founding site and ongoing moderation source for the regular virtual cocktail party known as Mixology Monday.

The Common Connoisseur

DEFUNCT: This fledgling site is providing its users with useful information about the styles of beer, wine, and spirits. It also has a growing collection of drinking related quotes as well as a glossary of terms.

The Liquid Muse

Natalie Bovis-Nelsen "is" the Liquid Muse. On her site she covers a world-wide range of wine and spirits information, events, and products.

The Museum of the American Cocktail

The Museum of the American Cocktail represents the efforts of a group of dedicated cocktailians (myself included) who want to breath life into the history and evolution of the cocktail. Along with the physical museum in New Orleans, they host seminars and events around the world, and work carefully with other organizations to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the cocktail.

The Wormwood Society

Absinthe has made an important comeback in recent days, and the Wormwood Society is one of the key places to get information about absinthe, reviews on absinthe, as well as very active and informative discussion forums.