Crème De Cacao Cocktails

brandy, heavy cream, crème de cacao,
Coffee Nudge
brandy, coffee liqueur, crème de cacao, coffee,
bourbon whiskey, crème de cacao, lemon juice, grenadine,
rum, lime juice, sweet vermouth, crème de cacao, grenadine,
tequila, crème de cacao, heavy cream,
crème de menthe, crème de cacao, heavy cream,
Twentieth Century Cocktail
gin, Lillet blanc, lemon juice, crème de cacao,
Twenty-First Century Cocktail
tequila, crème de cacao, lemon juice, absinthe,

There's little doubt that chocolate is just about everyone's favorite flavor, and crème de cacao is aimed straight at chocolate lovers. Its flavor comes primarily from the cocoa bean, usually some vanilla added. You’ll see it coming in both clear and dark brown. Unlike the artificially colored curaçao, there are slight differences in the manufacturing of clear, which has a slightly lighter flavor, and dark crème de cacao. The difference isn’t terribly noticeable, however, so the clear is usually recommended when you make cocktails. Using the dark will turn every cocktail a muddy brown.