Coffee Nudge
1/2 ounce brandy
1/2 ounce coffee liqueur
1/2 ounce dark crème de cacao
5 ounces coffee
Garnish: Dollop of whip cream
In a pre-warmed coffee mug, add the brandy, coffee liqueur, and crème de cacao. Pour in the coffee (decaf can be used if desired).
This drink is sometimes referred to as a Keoke Coffee.

This was a drink that I often had when I first started going to bars. I suppose it was part of the Seattle weather that caused me to lean towards often asking for a "hot drink", but the Coffee Nudge was one that was often recommended. I was to learn on trips outside o the Pacific Northwest, that you may need to ask for this drink using its alternate name of "Keoke Coffee" in order to get bartenders to know what you want.