Books for the Cocktailian Library

An important tool for the craft bartender, is to maintain a personal library which they can use for their research. To help you discover books which you may wish to add to your own collection, I list below a few of the books from my own library, with details about them which will hopefully help you determine if they would be valuable for your needs.

I will provide a rating for each book to help you quickly see the importance I apply to this book. Rating will go from -1 to 3. A rating of -1 basically just means it is a book I happen to have in my library, but don't necessarily recommend it. A rating of 0 means it is a worthwhile book, but shouldn't be top on your list. While ratings of 1, 2, and 3 represent books which I think are valuable to have in a library, with 3 representing the most important books for a craft mixologist to acquire.

Clicking on one of the books listed below will take you to a detail page for that book, and hovering your mouse over any book will display some brief details.

Recently Added Books: