Cocktails by Ingredient

The following is an alphabetical listing of products, and the cocktails that use them. You can also see an alphabetical listing of Cocktails, or a listing of products in a Tag Cloud.


Attention, Biter, Chrysanthemum Cocktail, Clipper Ship, Corpse Reviver #2, De La Louisiane, Death in the Afternoon, Goat's Delight, Gotham, Monkey Gland, Morning Cocktail, Obituary Cocktail, Robert Burns, Sazerac, Sherman, Twenty-First Century Cocktail,


Tom and Jerry (batter mix),



Amer Picon

Brooklyn, Fin de Siecle, Liberal, Mother-In-Law, Picon Cremaillere,

Angostura Bitters

Añejo Highball, Ante, Bamboo, Black Feather, Cabaret, Captain's Blood, Champagne Cocktail, Champs Elysées, Derby, Diabolo, East India House, Fancy Whiskey Cocktail, Fancy-Free, Festa, Income Tax, Intro to Aperol, Japanese, Jolly Roger, Journalist, Lion's Tail, Manhattan, Monte Carlo, Morning Cocktail, Mother-In-Law, Old Cuban, Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail, Pegu Club, Pink Gin, Pisco Sour, Queen’s Park Swizzle, Rosita, Saratoga, Seelbach, Sherman, Singapore Sling, Spencer, Stargazer, Stork Club, Straits Sling, Suburban, Suffering Bastard, Tip Top, Vieux Carre, Voyager, Washington, Widow's Kiss, Young Man, Zombie,


Intro to Aperol, Petruchio, Vacation,


Corpse Reviver #1, Harvest Moon, Jack Rose, Norwegian Wood, Pink Lady,

Apricot Brandy

Apricot Cocktail, Apricot Lady, Eye Opener, Golden Dawn, Prohibition, Spencer,


Norwegian Wood, Smoke and Mirrors, Trident,


Bobby Burns, Cabaret, Caprice, Chas, Chrysanthemum Cocktail, De La Louisiane, Derby, Ford, Guadalahara, Guion, Mahogany, Monte Carlo, Poet's Dream, Royalist, Singapore Sling, Straits Sling, Tango, Tip Top, Vieux Carre, Voyager, Widow's Kiss, Zummy,

Black Pepper

Bloody Mary, Caesar, Red Snapper,

Boker's Bitters

Martini (circa. 1888),

Bourbon Whiskey

Black Hawk, Boulevardier, Bourbon Crusta, Bourbon Milk Punch, Chaplin, Chas, Commodore, Derby, Eastern Sour, Fancy-Free, Lion's Tail, Milk Punch, Mint Julep, Mother-In-Law, Royalist, Seelbach, Suffering Bastard, Whiskey Sour,


Alexander, Between The Sheets, Bistro Sidecar, Black Feather, Cafe Diable, Champs Elysées, Coffee Cocktail, Coffee Nudge, Combustible Edison, Corpse Reviver #1, Corpse Reviver #3, Crux, Delmonico, Diabolo, East India House, Elderthorn, Fallen Leaves, Fog Cutter, French Quarter, Goat's Delight, Gotham, Harvard Fizz, Japanese, Metropole, Morning Cocktail, Nicky Finn, Port Wine Cocktail, Renaissance, Saratoga, Sidecar, Southern Beauty, Stinger, Tyrol, Vieux Carre, Washington, Young Man,

Brown Sugar

Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Buttered Rum (batter mix), Irish Coffee, Zombie,


Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Buttered Rum (batter mix),


Caipirinha, Festa, Vacation,


Ante, Calvados Cocktail, Country Gentleman, Fallen Leaves, Golden Dawn, Widow's Kiss,


Americano, Bobbo's Bride, Boulevardier, Camparinete, Champagne Flamingo, ChamPino, Combustible Edison, Cornwall Negroni, Corpse Reviver #3, Jasmine, Lucien Gaudin, Negroni, Old Pal, Rendezvous, Rosita, Smoke and Mirrors, Tailspin, Yacht Club, Zummy,

Canadian Whisky

Old Pal, Scofflaw,

Celery Bitters

Fourth Regiment Cocktail,

Celery Salt

Bloody Mary,


Bellini, Buck's Fizz, Champagne Antoine, Champagne Cocktail, Champagne Flamingo, ChamPino, Death in the Afternoon, French 75, Kir Royale, Mimosa, Old Cuban, Seelbach,


Alaska, Bijou, Biter, Champs Elysées, Chartreuse Swizzle, Cloister, Harrington, Last Word, Norwegian Wood, San Martin, Tailspin, Tyrol, Widow's Kiss,

Cherry Brandy

Buck's Fizz,

Cherry Heering

Blood And Sand, Singapore Sling,


Hot Buttered Rum (batter mix), Tom and Jerry (batter mix),

Cinnamon Tincture



Cafe Diable, Hot Buttered Rum (batter mix), Tom and Jerry (batter mix),

Coconut Cream

Piña Colada, Pusser's Painkiller,


Cafe Diable, Coffee Nudge, Irish Coffee,

Coffee Liqueur

Black Russian, Coffee Nudge, Nightwatch,


Ante, Between The Sheets, Black Feather, Cable Car, Calvados Cocktail, Chaplin, Chas, Corpse Reviver #2, Cosmopolitan, Crux, Delilah, Deshler, Golden Dream, Harrington, Hoskins, Jasmine, Lucien Gaudin, Margarita, Mother-In-Law, Nicky Finn, Outrigger, Petit Zinc, Presidente, Seelbach, Sidecar, Singapore Sling, Stork Club, Weeski, White Lady, White Spider, X.Y.Z., Zumbo,


Cuba Libre,

Cranberry Juice


Cream Of Tartar

Tom and Jerry (batter mix),

Crème De Cacao

Alexander, Coffee Nudge, Commodore, Floridita, Frostbite, Grasshopper, Twentieth Century Cocktail, Twenty-First Century Cocktail,

Crème De Cassis

Diablo, Kir, Kir Royale, Parisian,

Crème De Menthe

Grasshopper, Stinger,

Crème De Mure


Crème De Noyeux


Crème De Violette



Elderthorn, Little Italy, Smoke and Mirrors, Trident,

Dark Rum

Jamaican Firefly, Milk Punch,

Demerara Rum


Rusty Nail,

Dry Cherry Brandy

Straits Sling,

Dry Sherry

Bamboo, Chaplin,

Dry Vermouth

Algonquin, Attention, Bamboo, Black Feather, Bronx, Cabaret, Caprice, Champagne Antoine, Chrysanthemum Cocktail, Delmonico, Diabolo, El Presidente, Fairbanks, Fallen Leaves, Ford, Gibson, Guadalahara, Income Tax, Journalist, Jupiter, Kangaroo, Lucien Gaudin, Mahogany, Martini, Martini - dry (circa. 1900), Martini (classic), Metropole, Morning Cocktail, Obituary Cocktail, Old Pal, Parisian, Poet's Dream, Presidente, Ritz Bijou, Rosita, Royalist, Satan's Whiskers, Scofflaw, Tango, Tillicum, Tip Top, Washington, Zumbo, Zummy,

Dry White Wine



Ante, Crux, Deshler, Good Hurt, Opera, Picon Cremaillere, Zaza,

Eau De Vie Of Douglas Fir

Woodsman Sour,


Coffee Cocktail,

Egg White

Apricot Lady, Clover Club, Ocean Shore, Pink Lady, Pisco Sour, Prado, Ramos Gin Fizz, Vacation, Whiskey Sour,

Egg Yolk

Eye Opener,


Egg Nog, Tom and Jerry (batter mix),


Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Chartreuse Swizzle, Jolly Roger, Voyager,

Fernet Branca



Bistro Sidecar,


Golden Dream, Tyrol,


Alaska, Apricot Cocktail, Attention, Aviation, Bijou, Biter, Bloomsbury, Bobbo's Bride, Bramble, Bridal, Bronx, Buck's Fizz, Cabaret, Camparinete, Caprice, Casino, Champagne Antoine, Clipper Ship, Cloister, Clover Club, Cornwall Negroni, Corpse Reviver #2, Delilah, Delmonico, Ding Ho, Fairbanks, Fin de Siecle, Fog Cutter, Ford, French 75, French Pearl, Gibson, Gimlet, Gin-Gin Mule, Golden Dawn, Guion, Hakam, Hoskins, Hula Hula, Income Tax, Intro to Aperol, Jasmine, Journalist, Jupiter, Last Word, Leap Year, Lucien Gaudin, Martinez, Martini, Martini - dry (circa. 1900), Martini (circa. 1900), Martini (classic), Monkey Gland, Negroni, Nightwatch, Obituary Cocktail, Ocean Shore, Opera, Palm Beach Special, Parisian, Park Avenue, Pegu Club, Petruchio, Picon Cremaillere, Pink Gin, Pink Lady, Poet's Dream, Prohibition, Ramos Gin Fizz, Red Snapper, Rendezvous, Ritz Bijou, San Martin, Satan's Whiskers, Shifting Sands, Singapore Sling, Southside, Spencer, Stork Club, Straits Sling, Suffering Bastard, Tailspin, Tillicum, Tom Collins, Twentieth Century Cocktail, Vesper, White Lady, White Negroni, White Spider, Yacht Club, Zaza, Zumbo, Zummy,



Ginger Ale

Diablo, Pimm's Cup, Suffering Bastard,

Ginger Beer

Añejo Highball, Dark N' Stormy, Gin-Gin Mule, Jamaican Firefly, Moscow Mule,

Ginger Liquer


Gold Rum

Grand Marnier

Leap Year, Satan's Whiskers,

Grapefruit Juice

Cloister, Good Hurt, Palm Beach Special, Shifting Sands,


Bacardi Cocktail, Canton, Clover Club, Commodore, Eye Opener, Floridita, Jack Rose, Monkey Gland, Pink Lady, Presidente, Scofflaw, Scottish Guard, Singapore Sling, Ward 8,

Heavy Cream

Alexander, Egg Nog, Frostbite, Goat's Delight, Golden Dream, Grasshopper, Piña Colada, Ramos Gin Fizz, Tyrol,

Honey Syrup



Bloody Mary,

Irish Whiskey

Irish Coffee, Weeski,




Goat's Delight, Rendezvous,

Lemon Juice

Apricot Lady, Aviation, Beachbum's Own, Between The Sheets, Bistro Sidecar, Biter, Black Hawk, Bloody Mary, Bourbon Crusta, Bramble, Cable Car, Casino, Champs Elysées, Cloister, Clover Club, Combustible Edison, Commodore, Corpse Reviver #2, Corpse Reviver #3, Country Gentleman, Crux, Delilah, Fog Cutter, French 75, Intro to Aperol, Jasmine, Journalist, Leap Year, Lemon Drop, Nicky Finn, Ocean Shore, Outrigger, Penicillin, Pink Lady, Planters Punch, Presidente, Ramos Gin Fizz, Red Snapper, Scofflaw, Scottish Guard, Shifting Sands, Sidecar, Southside, Straits Sling, Strega Daiquiri, Tom Collins, Twentieth Century Cocktail, Twenty-First Century Cocktail, Vacation, Ward 8, Whiskey Sour, White Lady, White Spider, Woodsman Sour, X.Y.Z., Zombie,

Lemon Twist


Licor 43

Beachbum's Own, Bloomsbury,

Light Rum

Lillet Blanc

Bloomsbury, Bordeaux Cocktail, Corpse Reviver #2, French Quarter, Prohibition, Stargazer, Twentieth Century Cocktail, Vesper, Weeski, White Negroni,



Lime Juice

Añejo Highball, Bacardi Cocktail, Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Captain's Blood, Chartreuse Swizzle, Clipper Ship, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Diablo, Ding Ho, Eastern Sour, Festa, Floridita, French Pearl, Gin-Gin Mule, Harvest Moon, Jack Rose, Jamaican Firefly, Kamikaze, Last Word, Lion's Tail, Mai Tai, Margarita, Mojito, Moscow Mule, Old Cuban, Pegu Club, Pisco Sour, Prado, Queen’s Park Swizzle, Ramos Gin Fizz, Singapore Sling, Stork Club, Suffering Bastard, Voyager, Zombie,

Lime Wedge

Cuba Libre,



Maraschino Liqueur

Aviation, Bourbon Crusta, Bridal, Brooklyn, Canton, Casino, East India House, Fancy-Free, Hoskins, Last Word, Martinez, Morning Cocktail, Mother-In-Law, Opera, Prado, Red Hook, Shifting Sands,


Bourbon Milk Punch, Egg Nog, Milk Punch,


French Pearl, Gin-Gin Mule, Mint Julep, Mojito, Old Cuban, Queen’s Park Swizzle,


Hot Buttered Rum (batter mix),

Old Tom Gin

Martini (circa. 1888),


Cafe Diable,

Orange Bitters

Alaska, Apricot Cocktail, Attention, Bamboo, Bijou, Bourbon Crusta, Bridal, Calvados Cocktail, Caprice, Casino, Chaplin, Cornwall Negroni, Delmonico, Diabolo, Fairbanks, Fancy-Free, Fin de Siecle, Ford, Fourth Regiment Cocktail, Guion, Hakam, Harvard Fizz, Highland Cocktail, Hoskins, Liberal, Martinez, Martini, Martini - dry (circa. 1900), Martini (circa. 1900), Martini (classic), Metropole, Opera, Pegu Club, Picon Cremaillere, Ritz Bijou, Rob Roy, Robert Burns, Satan's Whiskers, Scofflaw, Sherman, Straits Sling, Suburban, Trident, Weeski, Xeres, Zaza,

Orange Curaçao

Añejo Highball, Apricot Lady, Canton, Chas, Country Gentleman, East India House, Eye Opener, Hakam, Hula Hula, Mai Tai, Martini (circa. 1888), Morning Cocktail, Park Avenue, Pegu Club, Ritz Bijou, Young Man,

Orange Flower Water

Ramos Gin Fizz,

Orange Juice

Beachbum's Own, Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Blood And Sand, Bronx, Buck's Fizz, Calvados Cocktail, Eastern Sour, Golden Dawn, Golden Dream, Hula Hula, Income Tax, Jolly Roger, Jupiter, Mimosa, Monkey Gland, Petit Zinc, Planters Punch, Prohibition, Pusser's Painkiller, Satan's Whiskers, Scottish Guard, Spencer, Stork Club, Strega Daiquiri, Tango, Ward 8, Yacht Club,

Orange Twist



Ding Ho, Eastern Sour, Fog Cutter, Goat's Delight, Harvest Moon, Japanese, Mai Tai, Ocean Shore, Strega Daiquiri,

Parfait Amour


Passion Fruit Syrup

Beachbum's Own, Zombie,


French Pearl, Nicky Finn,

Peach Bitters

Gotham, Renaissance, Royalist, Trident, Vacation, Xeres,

Peach Brandy

Bobbo's Bride,


Champagne Antoine, Nightwatch,

Peychaud's Bitters

Bloomsbury, De La Louisiane, Deshler, Fourth Regiment Cocktail, Metropole, Mother-In-Law, Sazerac, Seelbach, Tillicum, Vieux Carre,

Pimento Dram

Lion's Tail,

Pimm's No 1

Pimm's Cup,

Pineapple Juice

Algonquin, Beachbum's Own, Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Chartreuse Swizzle, Park Avenue, Piña Colada, Pusser's Painkiller, Singapore Sling, Zombie,

Pineapple Syrup

East India House,


Pisco Sour,


Coffee Cocktail, Port Wine Cocktail, Suburban,

Punt E Mes

Cornwall Negroni,



Raspberry Syrup


Red Curaçao

El Presidente,

Rose's Lime Juice



Añejo Highball, Apricot Lady, Bacardi Cocktail, Beachbum's Own, Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Between The Sheets, Canton, Captain's Blood, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Dark N' Stormy, Egg Nog, El Presidente, Eye Opener, Floridita, Fog Cutter, Good Hurt, Hot Buttered Rum, Jolly Roger, Mai Tai, Mojito, Old Cuban, Outrigger, Planters Punch, Presidente, Pusser's Painkiller, Queen’s Park Swizzle, Strega Daiquiri, Suburban, Tango, Tom and Jerry (batter mix), Voyager, X.Y.Z., Zombie,

Rye Whiskey

Algonquin, Brooklyn, De La Louisiane, Deshler, Fancy Whiskey Cocktail, Fourth Regiment Cocktail, Liberal, Little Italy, Manhattan, Monte Carlo, Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail, Red Hook, Saratoga, Sazerac, Sherman, Stargazer, Suburban, Vieux Carre, Ward 8,


Caesar, Egg Nog, Hot Buttered Rum (batter mix), Red Snapper,

Scotch Whisky

Blood And Sand, Bobby Burns, Highland Cocktail, Penicillin, Petruchio, Rob Roy, Robert Burns, Rusty Nail, Scottish Guard,


Flame of Love, Fog Cutter, Trident, Xeres,

Simple Syrup

Bistro Sidecar, Biter, Bourbon Milk Punch, Bramble, Captain's Blood, Champs Elysées, Cloister, Coffee Cocktail, Country Gentleman, Daiquiri, Eastern Sour, Fancy Whiskey Cocktail, French Pearl, Gin-Gin Mule, Good Hurt, Intro to Aperol, Jamaican Firefly, Lion's Tail, Martini (circa. 1888), Milk Punch, Mojito, Mother-In-Law, Old Cuban, Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail, Pisco Sour, Queen’s Park Swizzle, Ramos Gin Fizz, Sazerac, Southside, Vacation, Washington, Whiskey Sour, White Spider, Yacht Club,

Sloe Gin

Black Hawk, Ocean Shore,

Soda Water

Americano, Festa, Harvard Fizz, Mojito, Ramos Gin Fizz, Shifting Sands, Straits Sling, Tom Collins,

Southern Comfort

Southern Beauty,

Spiced Rum

Cable Car,


Clipper Ship, Ding Ho, Elderthorn, Woodsman Sour,


Strega Daiquiri,


Cafe Diable, Caipirinha, Champagne Cocktail, Egg Nog, French 75, Lemon Drop, Mint Julep, Tom and Jerry (batter mix), Tom Collins,


White Negroni,

Sweet Vermouth

Americano, Bijou, Blood And Sand, Bobby Burns, Boulevardier, Bridal, Bronx, Brooklyn, Camparinete, ChamPino, Cornwall Negroni, Corpse Reviver #1, De La Louisiane, Delmonico, Fallen Leaves, Fin de Siecle, Floridita, Fourth Regiment Cocktail, Guion, Hakam, Harvard Fizz, Highland Cocktail, Income Tax, Journalist, Leap Year, Liberal, Little Italy, Manhattan, Martinez, Martini (circa. 1888), Martini (circa. 1900), Negroni, Norwegian Wood, Palm Beach Special, Park Avenue, Petit Zinc, Red Hook, Renaissance, Rob Roy, Robert Burns, Rosita, San Martin, Saratoga, Satan's Whiskers, Sherman, Tailspin, Tango, Vieux Carre, Yacht Club, Young Man, Zumbo, Zummy,

Tabasco Sauce

Bloody Mary, Caesar, Red Snapper,

Tangerine Juice

Bistro Sidecar,


Diablo, Frostbite, Guadalahara, Margarita, Prado, Rosita, Twenty-First Century Cocktail,

Tomato Juice

Bloody Mary, Red Snapper,

Tomato-clam Juice


Torani Amer


Triple Sec

Bourbon Crusta, Corpse Reviver #3, Journalist, Kamikaze,


Bistro Sidecar,

Vanilla Extract

Bourbon Milk Punch,


Black Russian, Bloody Mary, Bobbo's Bride, Bordeaux Cocktail, Caesar, Champagne Flamingo, Cosmopolitan, Flame of Love, Harrington, Kamikaze, Kangaroo, Lemon Drop, Moscow Mule, Petit Zinc, Vesper,


Hot Buttered Rum,

White Peach Puree


White Rum

Piña Colada,

Worcestershire Sauce

Bloody Mary, Caesar, Red Snapper,